December 2nd, 2014 - By admin

 What else is going on? Are prices going up?

Glad you asked, imaginary question-asker.

The answer is: sort of. On January 1, standard titanium frames are going up $150, to $2950. SL frames are going up $100, to $3300. BUT, and this is used to be a $200 but (?), there will be no upcharge for 44mm (tapered steerer type) head tubes anymore. The frame prices will include whichever head tube you wish to use. So, for some frames, the prices are actually going DOWN. A shrewd business move, no doubt.

The reasoning is that the 44mm head tubes have become pretty much a standard on bikes with disc brakes, and it doesn’t seem fair to add a ‘yeah, but…’ to the majority of the frame prices. So there’s that. Otherwise, pricing is staying put for the foreseeable future.

OK, that’s all well and good, anything more interesting? 

Sure. You know that cool etching that you see on our bikes from time to time? Well, in the past, we sent the frames out for that work, since a lot of  it was pretty complicated. Which means it’s expensive, and adds to the time it takes the frame to be completed. A lot of people asked for simpler etching, just the standard logos, which we had been sending out as well. But no longer!

We’re doing the basic etching in-house now, and it’s coming out great. Instead of adding weeks and hundreds of dollars to your frame, it now adds only $100 and zero extra time! Hot d0g!

The logo can be etched horizontally along the down tube, like our typical decals, or vertically along the top (or bottom, I guess, it’s your bike) of the down tube. The ‘K’ logo is also etched on the seat tube. The standard stainless steel headbadge is still used. The whole package is understated and stealthy.





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