November 19th, 2014 - By admin

We have a few changes on the horizon, here’s a little heads-up…

Thing the first:

In an effort to best use what time is available to us, we will not be making custom steel frames in 2015. It’s important that we keep our lead times reasonable (8-10 weeks), and the best way to do that is to concentrate on our bread and butter, titanium bikes. But all is not lost! Read on…

Thing the second:

We will be doing small runs of production steel road frames when time allows. Introducing the…

The first run of these fellas will be available right around the first of the year. Frames and Enve 2.0 forks will be painted in the very popular army-ish green seen here before:


(like this but a road bike)

Price for the first run is $1700, frame and Enve 2.0 fork. They can be preordered for delivery in early 2015. If you’re interested, just contact us at, or call 805-574-0414.

All other pertinent info is below:

One Response to “What’s up for 2015? (Part 1)”

  1. Would you be interested in doing a rohloff/schlump xtra fat bike with 150mm bb30 and 175 mm rear thru bolt axle with belt drive? I want a steel front triangle for torsional stiffness with a ti rear end for vertical compliance. I also want a rigid fork designed around the travel of a 150mm travel triple crown with room for a 29r wheel and u brakes. Also if its not a problem i want the rear wheel to be 26″ because I like to carry 2 size inner tubes with me. If you give me a discount you can use it as your show bike at Nambla. I know this is different then what you usually do but I really feel like this could be a real seller for you as no one else is doing it. I look forward to your reply