March 29th, 2010 - By admin

While we were out scouting locations for the Kish World Domination Headquarters V.2, robo-cyclist and loyal Kish customer Juan S. was busy keepin’ it real and was kind enough to send a few pictures…

Lord help you if you try to keep up with this dude, I can tell you that he probably got up to this view point from sea level using half the time and at the resting heartbeat of mere mortals.


This photo also serves the purpose of proving that the hills in central California are not always brown and/or on fire.

Since I’m already winded just looking at this, I’ll let Juan take over the narration…

Headed down Powerline with Morro Bay, Hollister Peak, and the Estrero, along with the Pacific in the background


Secret trail contouring the ridge


A waterfall on Secret trail with “Damn Thing”, my steady companion beyond. I love that bike


Lupines were everywhere


Cypress trees are starting to create a canopy again, more than a decade after the fire on the ridge


Singletrack dropping into Poly Canyon


 Green hills, singletrack and wildflowers along the rail line



And I’ll leave you with that descent into the work week…happy trails.



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