April 6th, 2010 - By admin


We never got fully unpacked from NAHBS in Richmond, which I guess is a good thing since we’re off to the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show this weekend. So, if you were too big of a wuss to brave the tough Virginia winter to visit in Richmond, amble on down to San Diego and say hi. We’ll be deep in ‘curmudgeon alley’, alongside fellow California freaks Bruce Gordon and Soulcraft .

In case you missed this show last year, it’s a good one. It’s got a nice hometown feel, mostly due to the hosts, a crew of very dedicated local framebuilders. If nothing else, it’s worth coming to experience the psychedelic carpeting in the convention hall.

The show adds a day this year, so it’s open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Since I never got around to posting a NAHBS wrapup, I’ll be closely monitoring the events of this show to do a later Coast vs. Coast Show-Off Show Shootout. Although since Don Walker is from Texas, and I’m pretty sure Brian Baylis owns like 30 guns, a real shootout is probably a bad idea. Instead, it may be worth considering some oft-ignored minutiae… Don ‘The Anvil’ Ferris‘ whiskey cellar vs. Joe ‘The Bruce Gordon’ Bell‘s tequila room for example. And the fight for Least Believable Lead Time and Worst Application of Edge Wheels is always contentious…

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