March 13th, 2010 - By admin


The unconscionable  cruelty of daylight savings time is releasing its gloomy grip, the central coast is sunny (and green for a change), and I expect to be amongst the other zillion cyclists enjoying pre-tourist season tomorrow.

I suspect the bike you see above will be out there too. It was completed shortly before the NAHBS, but the show prep was so all-consuming I’m only now able to show it to you. Its owner is a successful winery owner in northern San Luis Obispo county, with access to as much quiet dirt-road riding as you could ask for. He’s also younger, more fit and has a great band practice space in a cellar filled with French-built casks of expensive wine, but I’m not jealous, I don’t know where you got that idea.


This style of flat-bar cross bike lends itself well to a lot of different types of terrain, probably anything except really tricky singletrack (we sell mountain bikes for that, by the way). The 1×9 Sram XO drivetrain covers you pretty well at the high and low end, and only having one shifter frees up a few more brain functions so you could for example, have one more glass of Syrah before you head out for your ride.


Combine that with Edge rims, bar and fork, White industries crank, BB and hubs and a few orange (sorry, ‘mango’) bits here and there, and you have a 17lb bike you can blast around the vineyards all day on. If you happen to wander off the road and bump into a stray tree or cow, the bike can take it.

We build a lot of bikes in the vast cyclocross-touring-MTB continuum, but this one inhabits a pretty special spot. Congratulations, Justin.

You lucky S.O.B.

2 Responses to “Springtime in wine country”

  1. Beautiful bike Jim, great pictures and a nice bit of commentary too.

  2. Hi Jim!

    Life as it should be!


    P.S.: Your Racebike rides great!!!