September 14th, 2020 - By admin

A year, a month and a couple days since the last update, we’re doing great y’all!

I have surfaced from the shop just long enough to assure everyone that we are doing fine, building bikes, and up to the same shenanigans as always. How’s by you? It is an exceedingly weird time to be alive, lots of conflicting feelings. On the one hand, we are grateful to have jobs that can be done safely under these conditions, but on the other, it’s a scary time to exist, and lots of folks are (understandably) not handling it well! I sure don’t have any answers for you, but one of the only things that keeps me somewhat regulated during all of this is getting outside, pedaling around the area, and pretending this was all a bad dream for a little while. Give it a try if you haven’t lately!

Speaking of bikes, we’re still building them. Our lead times have grown just a little, but it’s typically due to (overseas-origin) parts. We are able to build frames just fine – most everything we need is fairly close by. So, like everyone else, we need to duke it out for parts here and there, but for the most part it’s no big deal. If you’ve been putting off that new bike for whatever reason, it may be time to take the leap. You only live once, etc etc.

On that note, the build kit portion of the site is being updated, starting with our most common bike, the humble cross/gravel wagon. Once that’s done, I’ll move on to road bikes, but given mountain bikes’ rabid parts-swapping and standards-hurling, I may just stick to doing each build kit separately. If you need an MTB quote done just let me know and I’ll whip one up.

The good news is while the parts kits are being updated and improved, they are generally not getting more expensive. A few improvements here and there may move the prices up a hair, but the core componentry has stayed at 2019 price points.

I realized in the year (?!) or so since the last update, I’ve taken quite a few photos of bikes on their way out of the shop, here’s a few. More to come. Thanks for continuing on this long strange trip with us!


Alex’s Chapel Hill trail shredder
GRX double gravel gripper
Mary’s single-ring GRX ripper
Complete freak mobile, aka my favorite bike yet, with Kish Titanium Surly-ripoff bars.
More to come with this weirdo – so fast it’s blurry just sitting still!

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