August 2nd, 2019 - By admin

Just a few updates and pics you may have missed if you don’t follow us on Instagram (@kishbike)…

First off, the road bike kits and gravel/cross kits have been updated. The main change is all kits now use Industry Nine wheels. This has become such a popular upgrade, it seemed to make more sense to just include them in the kit to make back-of-envelope price calculations easier. If you prefer the Stan’s wheels we’ve used in the past, we can sub those (or pretty much whatever else you’d like) in. Remember, the parts kits are just a starting point – part of the fun of a custom bike can be fine-tuning the components to make it truly your own.

Outside of that, kit prices have not changed much. Where there were price changes they are increases, such is the way of the world. But they haven’t gone up much, and I still think they’re priced well compared to other ways of sourcing your parts.

The mountain kits have not been updated yet, mostly because each mountain bike seems to be radically different than the one before (see below for evidence) and taking a lot of time getting the kits priced out when everyone goes off the map pretty quick isn’t real high on the priority list. If you have questions just let me know, a custom kit can be priced pretty quick.

On to a few recent bikes that we’re proud of!

First up, a Di2 Road Disc flyer that’s now lighting up the streets of Charlotte:

A very fun, possibly dangerous fixed gear mid-fat MTB:

Pinky’s latest whip, a 650B gravel gripper:

Last but certainly not least, a pretty special (check the crank) single speed, now living its best life in (checks notes) Saudi Arabia (?)

That’s it from me! Thanks for hangin in there…will it be another year before this thing gets updated? Hopefully not (but probably)…Be good to each other, and ride yer damn bike!!

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