June 18th, 2021 - By admin

Not sure if y’all noticed, but even though the world is getting back to (sort of) normal, the bicycle world is still all kinds of messed up.

Over here, it’s not too difficult to get the materials we need to build frames, since the tubing and other gizmos are largely US-made. Finishing the complete bikes is nearly impossible, though, due to supply issues from Shimano, and SRAM, as well as quite a few other component manufacturers, mostly overseas, but US-sourced, too. Since we don’t sell frames on their own anymore, rather than beating our heads against the wall hunting for parts all day, we’re not taking orders for new bikes until things begin to look up. How long might that be? Who knows! I certainly didn’t think we’d be in this position this far into a pandemic, but, yet, here we are.

So, if you don’t already have an order in, and approved by me, you’ll need to wait until this mess blows over, or the world blows up, whichever happens first, I guess. It could go either way!

Since frame materials are not subject to the same headaches, we are still offering personal frame building instruction at the shop here, as well as consultation for existing builders at your shop. We are also still able to sharpen tools via The Tool Grinder.

If you have questions about any of this, please drop us a line at info (at) kishbike (dot) com. This works much better than a phone call! Since 90% of calls lately seem to be some variety of scam oriented toward either wasting my time or hoovering out my bank account, I don’t pick it up everytime. So send an email!

In the meantime, everyone try your best to stay healthy and sane. I’ll do the same.

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