February 16th, 2016 - By admin

Hi everybody. First off, a little housekeeping update on Road Hogs:

The complete 56cm bike is SOLD.

54cm frames are likewise SOLD OUT.

If you have your eye on a 52cm, 56cm or 58cm… Get On It!

There is one left in each size. As mentioned before, when they’re gone, they’re gone. Not just this particular model, but most likely ANY steel bikes from us. We ¬†stopped building custom steel bikes at the end of 2014, and don’t plan to start again, so this is your chance to get one of the last steel Kish bikes ever built. Destined to become a collector’s item after I’m ironically gored to death on a True Temper chainstay in 2017 (according to my new steampunk Ouija board/magic 8 ball hybrid I’ve been working on).

Here’s a link to the RH section in the store: ROAD HOG SALE.

If you need sizes, info and pricing, just scroll down one post, it’s all in there.

Speaking of things I’m not doing, I’m also going to Not Go to NAHBS in 2016.

Every few years circumstances just line up in such a way that it makes sense to sit one out. This is one of those years! My apologies to anyone who was looking forward to checking out the bikes, or chatting, or serving me with a subpoena. I’ll miss seeing my builder pals, my frighteningly loyal customers who show up every year no matter where the show is, and new buds who always make it a great experience. Also, from the press I’ve seen so far, there will be some seriously weird bikes on display! Wish I could see them in the flesh.

If I were to go, I’d be tempted to bring this bike, just finished up:

I realize the bike is posing upon a bed of gravel, but this is no gravel bike. Nope. It’s a (paved) road bike. With disc brakes! And electronic shifting!

Wheels by our chums at Industry 9, of course.

If you haven’t already figured it out, I can build you one one like it (or not like it, whatever) for what turns out to be quite a bit less than an awful lot of offshore, boring production bikes are going for. Crazy, right?

Welp, that’s it for now y’all! See you in 2-25 weeks!

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