November 16th, 2015 - By admin

Well my plan to update the blog every month certainly went off the rails, sorry ’bout that. It was either keep the bikes on schedule, or do absolutely anything else to remind the world that the mighty Kish Titanium Conglomerate is still an active concern. Every bike went out on time, so in that regard it’s been a great year! Everything else fell by the wayside, but that changes…today! Things are calming down a bit. It’s not 200 degrees anymore, the leaves are falling, and the gravel is ripe for grinding.

Here’s a recent example coming out of the gravel factory we’re running over here:

This is a killer setup! Ultegra Di2, Shimano hydro brakes, Industry 9 carbon wheels, Enve thru-axle cross pre-gravel fork, Brooks Cambium saddle, Paul seatpost. It just goes on and on. You should get one.

The low-key etched logos fit the mood, dontcha think? Me too.

This isn’t a standard thing, but we can put the etched state logo on too, to match your mason jar or whiskey glass.

Each frame comes already welded, no need for you to bother with that. It’s included in the price.

Also, FINALLY the no-longer-new grey and orange shirts are finally in the store. You can find them here. To make up for being so slack on this very easy thing to do, the shipping is free until I remember to change that setting in the store, which at this rate should be somewhere around 2017.

Here’s what they look like, they’re that ‘heather’ sort of fabric, where it’s not like a solid color, you know what I mean? Very comfy.

They do have the small Mason jar logo on the back, too:


Lastly, and this should be very exciting for those of you threatened to buy a Road Hog but snoozed on it, for once your lack of follow-through is paying off! Because they’re ON SALE! We are short on space, and want to get rid of the last of these fine machines.

This fabulous green is the only color they come in, because it’s the best color, obviously. If you check out the November 2014 blog post you’ll find a lot more nice photos of them.


Here’s what you need to know:

1. The original price for these steel frames, with matching painted Enve forks (the Enve logos are painted green to match, the forks are still primarily black, as they should be) was $1700. Already way too low, you say? Perhaps. Either way, they are now $1450 with the Enve fork. What?! You heard it right.

2. As of now, all 4 sizes are available, but there is only 1 of the 52cm and 58cm size. The only 56cm is the one you see above. That one is only available as a complete bike, exactly as you see it there, with our Ultegra kit. It was priced at $3650. It’s now an even $3000! It still has zero miles on it. Insane, I know.

3. It’s up to you to figure out what size will fit you, info is below:


4. Once these are gone, they’re gone. We aren’t building more. There are other things to focus on for 2016, so this is your last chance to jump on a Road Hog, maybe the last steel frames to ever go out of the shop. That’s weird to think about.

Anyway, if you’re interested in any of these exciting developments, send an email to, or call 805.574.0414. Cheers!

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