July 11th, 2009 - By admin


Ever since those unoriginal hacks at E-lektra swiped the Townie name from us (after we [subconsciously]swiped it from Willits) people have been going nuts for bikes that you can just hop on and go to the bar (see above), church (reference needed) or the other bar. While the bulk of Kish bikes are super-speedy titanium road race bikes and singletrack shredders, there’s more and more of them moving out of here disguised as 1970’s Schwinn Speedster-esque town bikes (known then as “bikes”).

Yeah, some aren’t that stealthy, like the 29″ wheeled, disc brake-d, sloping TT one above, but there’s plenty of more traditional ones with S-A 3 speeds and coaster brakes. There’ll be some more pics in the coming weeks/months/eras, but I for one welcome our new top-hat-and-monocle-sporting overlords.

Do you need a $3000+ bicycle just for putting around town? Yes, of course you do. Don’t be ridiculous.

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  1. Could somebody please shoot out that Bud sign.