April 4th, 2012 - By admin

Our new shirts are here, and do they make a statement! They say “I love cool bikes, and I’m not afraid to tell the world via these sweet earth tones”.

They are printed on Anvil Organic T’s, which have a nice cut, somewhere between the ‘phony-vintage-too-tight’ style, and the boxy ones that only fit if you look like a snowman with the middle section taken out. Color is a lovely chocolate brown with pollen-color ink, unless there’s just a bunch of pollen stuck to it, like everything else around here.

The front print shows a map of the Old North State, with a nice ‘K’ stuck right smack dab (give or take 45 miles) over the top of the location of the Kish World HQ. If you still can’t find us by the map, our zip code is right there, too.

There is also a snazzy rear print featuring a Mason jar presumably filled with what they call ‘Carolina EPO’ around here (note, no one would every call anything ‘Carolina EPO’, that’s just stupid). The logo is small and subtle, go ahead and wear it to work, I bet your mullet will cover it right up. Business up front, party in the back!!

You can find them right here in the store, the price includes Priority Mail shipping in the US until May 1. If the store insists on charging you shipping, just pay it and we’ll refund it immediately. This deal goes for ALL the shirts and jerseys in stock right now.

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