March 28th, 2012 - By admin

Local freak-bike enthusiast Matt B. was kind enough to bring his Lefty-ized single speed 29er by for an impromptu dead-leaves-and-firewood photo sesh and a spin around the neighborhood. Conclusion: Leftys are as awesome as they are weird! It’s mesmerizing to glance down and see YOUR WHOLE FRONT WHEEL just spinnin’ in space, rollin’ along like it’s no big deal.

More importantly, they work great, and keep the weight down. Matt’s bike is over 10 lbs lighter than his other ride, but to be fair his other ride has 36″ wheels that I think he got out of an old textile mill or something. They aren’t bike wheels, I know that much.

Anyway, if you’re curious, we’re happy to build your next bike around one of these forks, give us a call and we’ll tell you more.

One other thing, we now have post mount inserts for slider dropouts, which makes for a less-bolty, cleaner attachment. These will be the default from here on in, but the old style are still available.

4 Responses to “Lefty fever spreads to East Coast”

  1. You’re the best Jim! I’m glad you were receptive to trying something new. The bike feels better and better as I get used to the Lefty and the LIGHT weight. Looking to attempt my first recereational mixed Hundo on it this weekend.

    I wish I “needed” another bike so I could have another Kish in the stable.

    And you KNOW deep down you want to build yourslef a 36er… you still need to try it on singeltrack to get the full effect.

  2. Every time I see a ‘Lefty’ I want to scream “Hey! You’re missing a leg!” Not that it has never been done before…right?
    That is a clean bike. Love the grips. What are they?
    Also, Jim, is there any plans to offer a dual suspension setup, whether it’s with 26 or 29-inch wheels? I have noticed that there are not too many Ti dualies out there; any particular reason?
    Yes, I still ride my roadie. Yes, I still love it.

  3. Thanks, Matt!

    Petros, those are Ergon grips, a lot of people really like them. Also no full suspension, we’re too busy with all the other stuff, sorry.

  4. The grips are actually the Specialized version of Ergons. BG Control or something like that. Come in numerous sizes, colors, can change the lockring color for the nitpicky people out there… like me. I don’t care for Specialized products genreally except for their saddles, shoes, and grips and have gravitated to that setup on all my bikes.