February 15th, 2013 - By admin

Thrills indeed!

We’ll have a few surprises at the North American Handmade Bike Show, but here’s two bikes we’re bringing for y’all to twirl your mustaches to. The show is February 22-24, in Denver, CO (the mile high city! *wink*).

First one is a dandy 650B with nice understated silver parts, which means it will probably just fade into the woodwork at NAHBS. But if you’re reading this, you probably already know we’re a little more into ‘substance’ than ‘style’, much like how my wardrobe choices make me look more like ‘a pile of dead leaves’ than ‘a dapper gent’, but the bike still looks a hell of a lot better.

The other is a pretty amazing SL cyclocross frame with a matching stem and fork. Fancy etching and painting courtesy of Spectrum Powder Works. Oh, and it’ll bust apart into 2 pieces so you can circumvent the airlines’ punitive fees and pretend that you’re just checking a box full of taxidermied squirrels through. Full disclosure: I can’t afford a bike like this, I’m just imagining how one might go about lying to a TSA agent.

There are more pictures at our Flickr page.

You may have noticed that the background of these pictures in different from perennial favorites ‘Kish woodpile’ and ‘quick! the forest behind the shop before it starts raining!’ I have to thank the very helpful and kind folks at the Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw, NC for letting us use their awesome facility, the ballroom is the former dye room of a textile mill on the Haw River. Go to their site and read about it–it freakin’ rules.

Also, the photos’ quality level may have bumped up a bit (in the way that the sun is a bigger cloud of gas than a dog fart). This is due to my extremely good fortune to have Stephen Garrett behind the camera for this shoot. Big thanks to Stephen, too.

As for the rest of you, be sure to visit our booth at NAHBS (#1113) in between visits to Denver’s many weed dispensaries! We’re looking forward to it!

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