January 15th, 2013 - By admin

I know that actual information posted here often gets buried in sarcasm, obscure references, cough-syrup-induced hallucinations, too many hyphens, etc. But apparently the point of the last post was COMPLETELY lost. What I was trying to say is that we are limiting our ‘output’ to 50 ‘units’ this year, and won’t be taking on any off-the-wall projects. This is an effort to keep lead times short, allow more time for other on-the-wall projects, and keep everyone happy and healthy. I thought it was relatively clear.

Then I got THIS in the mail:

The REAL mail, by the way. Not the electronic kind you can just press a button and it goes away. Nope, this is in my life now. And will probably be framed soon.

Here’s a thing, though! We have new global warming-friendly jerseys in the store, they’re a coool grey version of our standard Castelli jerseys, so they won’t do that thing that the black ones do where they give you heat stroke if it’s over 70 degrees outside. You can buy one (or more!) here.

Like the other jerseys, the size is more of a Biggest Loser style emotional beat down than an actual representation of how big the garment is. So, consider ordering one size up, unless you are familiar with the Castelli ‘club cut’ jersey.

Last thing for now, Cycles D’oro of Greensboro, NC has asked me to give a talk about how I achieved the world’s highest score in Galaga something bike related for their monthly hoodang on Monday, March 4. The time and place have yet to be revealed to me, but rest assured I shall let you know in a later, potentially even more exciting post!

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  1. But what about my SL recumbent 36er tandem with solid gold Mayan head badge and custom paint-gun swivel mount?