March 25th, 2011 - By admin

You can see more pictures of this bike by clicking here

This is the bike that won the NAHBS award for ‘Best Titanium’ a few weeks back in Austin. It’s a 24″ BMX cruiser. This was quite a coup for us, since this bike has no squiggly tubes, giant wheels, superfluous attachments (bottle opener, polo mallet cozy) or ‘new’ component ‘interfaces’. Just look at this boring bike, with it’s puny bottom bracket, head tube, and wheels. What a snooze.

And is that a chain drive?

Anyway, this will be the new shop errand-runner, but it’s for sale anyway. We can always build more.

It’s $3800, here’s the component info:

Kish titanium frame and stem, Velocity 24″ rims laced to Paul WORD hubs, Paul crank, White Industries freewheel and bottom bracket, segmented steel fork, Paul racer rear brake. No front brake! It’s not a mountain bike! The frame has a new etchingway by Spectrum, in keeping with the Texas state law that any surface of more than 8 square inches must have at least 1 star on it.

2 Responses to “NAHBS ‘Best Titanium’ bicycle–buy yourself a very, very minor part of Texas history”

  1. It’s a very cool bike – no doubt!
    Love the *K*I*S*H* too. 🙂

  2. Hi Jim, congratulations on your win at Austin, Tx. Still lovin’ my KISH road bike. I see my friends constantly changing to new bikes as I contently hang on to my ti. Thanks again for the great frame and it was good to see you again in the video. Bob