February 1st, 2012 - By admin

It’s been busy, busy, busy around here. I only just now got a chance to poke my head out of the shop, and, due to a sort of overcast-y day, was not startled by my own shadow. So rest assured this oppressive winter will soon be over. I kid, of course, our winter thus far has been very nice, befitting an ex-Californian wuss like myself. As I type this, it’s 72 degrees outside. WHAT THE DEVIL IS GOING ON? I’ll tell you what’s going on, it’s time to ride! Hang on, I just saw a raindrop, I’m going back in.

As I was saying, lots of cool bikes heading out lately, this is what they look like from where I stand all day:

There’s grey bikes with blue on them!

I’m especially proud of this one, not only is NOT going to Australia, it’s going all the way to Portland! I hear they’re having a bit of an artisinal bike shortage out there, so I’m sending this one over to spice up the landscape. You’re welcome, Portland!

There’s grey cross bikes,

grey bikes with extraordinarily expensive headsets,

and more grey bikes with extraordinarily large headtubes.

We’ll be back before too long with more news, including a NAHBS 2012 update (SPOILER ALERT: We’re not going!) and a new Carolina-inspired T shirt, check back soon!

2 Responses to “Happy Groundhog Day Eve (+ Bikes!)”

  1. Jim,
    good to read news from you again. I frequent the SoCal bike forums site, and a few members of the forum are in Carolina. Apparently, fairly close to your new location, as they found out by researching custom ti bikes.
    I of course chimed in with a glowing recommendation. Still love the gray with blue bike. I only logged a little over 1100 miles since picking it up from you. It continues to make me happy to ride, and I am actually starting to enjoy (WTF?!?!?) climbing now.
    Regarding the gray and blue bike going to Portland: What sort of handle wrap is installed? also, the blue seat collar is a nice touch, too.
    Keep making them, man…they’re the best!

  2. Thanks, Petros! I appreciate it. Glad you are digging the bike, too.

    That bar tape is fizik microtek(sp?), it matched the blue decals and blue anodized stuff REALLY well.