September 25th, 2012 - By admin

Hey everybody! Welcome to my new tree blog! The bike thing was getting a little old, so I’m refocusing (!) on my other love, the study of trees (treeology, for you science nerds). Check out this fine example, of some trees near and dear to me:

Trees! So much to talk about. Let’s start here: I’m just realizing I don’t know anything about trees, so let’s just fall back (!) on the bike stuff.

This is Mark S’s disc-enabled cyclocross bike. Mark lives in Washington the state, where it starts getting a little slimy this time of year, and this will be Mark’s new commuter, to compliment his other titanium cross bike that we built for him a few years back. It’s got a matching Kish titanium stem and steel fork, and Campagnolo Chorus components.

It’s always a pleasure to build bikes for Mark, since he always has a new paint scheme in his head, and often a few component challenges, such as ‘why not build a Campagnolo cross bike with disc brakes? certainly that’s a well-trod corner of the bicycle world’. Turns out it’s not, but consider it somewhat-trod now.

( insert joke about the dog being the shop manager here)

Also, John M’s giant tubed road bike is heading out to Maryland soon, not much to say about this one but ‘hey wow, why are those tubes so huge?’

In case this is your sort of thing (it is), there’s more pictures of both bikes here:

Go check em out!

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