April 23rd, 2010 - By admin


This post is about Mikkel, who I’m sure looks nothing like this, and his bike, which looks nothing like that one. But I’m reasonably sure both cyclists reside in Denmark. Does it really matter?

Mikkel also owns one of the limited SSWC 08 bikes and now he’ll have a nice titanium cyclocross bike to keep it warm in those long, cold Danish winters (which also may or may not be the case, fact checking is for wusses).


there’s a new set on flickr chronicling the construction of his frame in the half-assed way only a guy working alone 90% of the time, with his camera under a pile of junk can do.


Nevertheless, it’s at least some record of his new bike coming to life, before it’s sent of to ‘the Portland of Europe’, as I actually heard some myopic doofus call Copenhagen.


You can see the rest of them, and a bunch more stuff on the flickr page.


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