September 26th, 2011 - By admin

If you need an excuse to replace your collection of normal, functioning bottom brackets, cranks, headsets and forks, we have good news!

We’ve been offering the new-ish, jumbo-sized (known as ‘Australian Standard’ around here) 44mm headtubes and PF30 bottom brackets for a while, but never when there was a camera in the room. So here you go:

And that’s a 1.5″ down tube that thing’s welded to.

In context, though, not so odd looking:

Too bad the BB is so puny. But, there’ll be some PF30 action that I’ll post next week.

In other news, a big neatening-up yielded a few treasures recently. There is one 54cm crossmuter frame left (the last one probably ever), on UberSale for $950. There are also a few short sleeve jerseys, just check the store to see if your size is available. Also note these things run a bit small (or I’m running fat), either way when in doubt order one size up from normal.



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