May 9th, 2011 - By admin

Thanks to the tireless work and nudging by our graphics guru Mike, requests for new jerseys (c’mon, we had perfectly good ones done in 1995, surely those haven’t worn out already?) are finally becoming a reality!

We’re going to do a small run of long and short sleeve, they’ll look like this, but more 3 dimensional:

They’re full-zip, Castelli ‘team fit’ jerseys, which from what I gather means they don’t fit as spanks-like as some other jerseys, yet you don’t look like a slob in a tshirt. It’s the best of both ALL worlds!

Castelli’s sizing guide can be found here, click on the ‘sizes’ box.

The short sleeve jerseys are $100, shipped in the US. Long sleeve are $110, shipped in the US. Since we have so many overseas riders, who I’m sure are in dire need of some new duds, just send an email and we’ll figure out postage.

To get this juggernaut going, we need to get a deposit of $50 for each jersey. So, skip on over to the payment page, and brace yourself for the UPS truck’s arrival! Be sure to specify your size and sleeveway when you order.

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