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It’s been hella wicked really busy this summer, and I’m grateful for that. Thanks everyone whose buying bikes! Unfortunately for the millions of people who read this blog religiously, that has meant that it’s been severely update-challenged. Rather than dust off the camera and take more pictures of the bikes pre-, during-, and post- build, I’m taking the low-effort way out and showing some pictures of our customers’ bikes we’ve received over the past few months.

This first one is Chuck’s, Chuck and his Rohloff 650B live in New Hampshire, a state far to the north.

There’s a lot going on here, but let me direct your attention to my favorite theme on this bike:

It takes true dedication to disassemble a Rohloff hub and anodize it sour apple green. May as well throw every other raw aluminum part (slider insert!) in the hopper while you’re at it.

In time, this photo in particular will soon reveal Chuck’s aesthetic eye to be truly ahead of his time. just wait.

Vince sent some pics of his Campagnolo EPS road rocket all the way from Ohio. This thing is so stealthy and cool looking I almost forgive him for asking me to leave off the decals:

(I know it’s sacrilegious to photograph a bicycle from the non-drive side, but I wanted you to see the EPS/Di2 port)

Vince assured me the bar tape is not made from natural materials. It’s easier to just believe him.

We built Josh, in Durham, a ‘commuter’ a while back, and apparently his commute is pretty lengthy, or he’s bringing lunch for everyone today:

Looks like a nice commute, though.

I can only assume that the red crocs in the last photo are on Josh’s feet at this point. Disturbing.


Alright, that’s a wrap. Don’t forget to follow Kishbike on Instagram, and Twitter. The updates are more frequent, but more pointless. So there’s that.

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  1. Lunch for everyone! On the menu: Peanut butter and muesli bombs, beef jerky, and chocolate milk. Also, peaches, safely conveyed in said red Crocs. You want disturbing, we got it.