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Eeyaaaarghh! Enough already, Mother Nature (if that is even your real name). I get it. Climate change, earth in upheaval, etc. This wussified ex-Californian is ready for SOME GODDAMN SPRING ALREADY. Being as this is ostensibly a bike blog, I should say I feel this way because ‘I want to ride my biiiiike!’, but if we’re being honest, really I want to sit on the porch and drink beer without a fluffy jacket and hat on. Maybe not pants either, but first things first.

So what’s doin’ around you ask? Hmm. Well, the usual, really, bike stuff mostly.

This week we sent out a couple steel frames (I think these things might catch on!) for fancy paint jobs, this one for NC ex-pat John M.:

It even has the jumbo-riffic PF30 bottom bracket for added vertical compliance and lateral stiffness*!

*not true

There’s also the usual rust-proof grey bikes comin’ down the line, here’s one for local professional drifter and damn good cook Rod C.:

And another one that’s nearly identical, but has these things in the tubes so the bike will break down to a pocket-sized 10x8x8 inch box, so you can legally carry it on an airplane*:

*another bald faced lie

In music news (branchin’ out!), our good friend Tim Kerr‘s monstrously influential band, the Big Boys, have had their awesome Where’s My Towel/Industry Standard (from 1981, holy crap I’m old) record reissued on Light in the Attic. So, if you played your original to death, go ahead and relive your skate-rockin’ youth, it’s as awesome as you remember.

If you’re wondering what the connection is, Tim’s the guy who painted our eyebrow-raising frame from this year’s NAHBS:

Look how happy he is, it came out great!

Tim also did a swell new T shirt design for us, they’ll be here in a couple weeks.

Last, we will have a new batch of mason jar/ti cage combos next week. Most are spoken for, but there are a few extras. If you want one let me know soon.

Back to work!!

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