January 20th, 2011 - By admin

Here’s the picture and description from this bike’s debut:

“So, here is that bike. It’s painted orange, and has quite an assortment of parts. If these parts were people, some would be old enough to drink, and others would still be drooling in the maternity ward. The drivetrain and wheels, for example, come from an older road bike of mine. Old, but not old enough to be cool, 7 speed Shimano 105. The King Headset, 3T bars and stem, Tubus front rack, and Continental top touring tires date back to right around when it became cool to drink Pabst. The very generic brakes, seat post rack and saddle lived in a box until this morning.

The frame is Oversize (note the capital ‘O’) steel, the seat tube measures 56cm center to center, effective top tube is 59cm. Head tube measures 16cm. There is a slight amount of slope to the top tube. Standover is about 84cm. The chainstays measure 44cm, and the geometry is touring-bike-cruisey. There is less than 1000 miles on the frame and fork, but the fork does have some paint chipped off the dropouts.The frame and fork have plenty of room for touring size tires (up to 32 or 35c) and mounts for racks and fenders.”

This frame also comes with a second (handmade) lugged fork, with raked blades, canti mounts, etc, built for this frame. The good news is that the raked blades allow the front rack to sit closer to level. The bad news is it needs to be painted. Also, it uses a 1″ steerer, so you’d need to use reducer shims on the headset. But you have options.

The price on this bike has been reduced to a trifling $1000.

3 Responses to “#3 A Fine, Stout Touring bike – GONE”

  1. “Standover height is abou 84 cm” — surely a typo?

    It’d be wrong *not* to buy this bike. Still available?

  2. Yes, you’re right, there is a typo in your comment. I think you meant to write ‘about’.

    Standover is right around 84, though, maybe closer to 83 (at the middle of the tube). It’d fit you fine, Eric!

  3. I was thinking in imperial, not metric, and had this mental image of an 84 INCH standover. And then the law of internet snark kicks in, where if you’re pointing out someone’s mistake (a) you’re wrong, and (b) you make a mistake.