November 5th, 2010 - By admin

After much hemming, and some hawing, we have decided to attend the big bike porn convention in Austin, TX next year. This will be the 5th NAHBS for the Kish Konglomerate Conglomerate, and promises to be the most expensive exciting yet. It will be held February 25-27, the dates agonizingly inconvenient for anyone considering attending Austin’s other sweat-fest, SXSW, which will be held March 11-20. Too much time to kill between events, yet still close enough that you’ll hear plenty from the locals about all the great shows you’re about to miss. I am, however, working on booking G.G. Allin cover band The Daisy Sniffers for an exclusive private party at the Austin Marriott Ballroom. Hide your lugged quill stems!

More importantly, in the never ending quest to minimize shipping, packing, and general trade show hassles, we are offering special consideration for anyone who is interested in taking delivery of their bike in Austin. ‘Special consideration’ means ‘cheap parts’. If your bike is show-worthy (that means it has lots of shiny stuff and superfluous lights, locking devices, or cute racks that carry things much easier to stick in your bag or pocket), and you are able to pick it up in Austin, you can save a lot of money, and have the prestige of free entry to the show by way of your very own Kish Fabrication badge. Wearing an ‘exhibitor’ badge also has the priceless benefit of rendering you invisible to other exhibitors, so you’re free to gallivant around the other booths immune to sales pitches.

Give us a call or email, lets see what we can work out.

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