February 14th, 2011 - By admin

We’re now offering stems with removable faceplates for 31.8mm bars. For the last umpteen years our stems have been made with pretty minimally machined parts, which made it nearly impossible to make a nice looking clamp for oversize bars. Paragon Machine Works has risen to the challenge, though, and we now have these sleek little beauties:

They use a nicely engraved  four-bolt aluminum front plate, and an aggressively relieved titanium back plate to keep the weight down.

The tailpiece is now one solid machined part, with two integral 5x.8mm binders:

They are available for mountain and road use (and in-betweeny use, too), in any length and rise.

We’re making each one custom, they’re a perfect match to our custom ti frames. They’re cheaper that way, too–for now we’re offering them for $300 with a frame purchase. Of course they’re available separately, too, for $400.

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