May 29th, 2011 - By admin

As the San Luis Obispo winds whip its citizens’ allergies into a hellish frenzy, the winds of change are blowin’ right here at Kish Fab. More details will follow later, but first off, thanks to staff whippersnapper Mike Retrum, we have a new web site! But you already know that, since you’re looking at it right now. Enough about that, then.

Bikes are moving out a little too quick, and I’ve been characteristically bad at chronicling their birth, infancy, and finally their rude boot from the nest, sorry.

Luckily, not everyone forgot how to use a camera, and I got this picture from my buddy Tim Kerr, of his new bike posed in front of some sweet paintings he made for my new house:

Tim is a very talented artist and musician – founder of Texas’ most influential punk band The Big Boys, a fine photographer and painter, and now apparently the fumes have affected him to the point where he’s playing old time banjo, too. I’d encourage you to cruise around his site and see what he’s been up to.

Also, June 1 is the last day to preorder jerseys. Head over to our brand new store if you want to get it on it. There will be very few extras ordered, so this will be your only chance for a while.


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