September 14th, 2010 - By admin

The CrossMuters are continuing their sad march to extinction…the 56cm size is SOLD OUT. There are still 54cm and 56cm sizes available, though. No steel forks are in stock, only Edge carbon forks ($500). Again once these are gone they are gone…we have new things to work on and need to free up space.

Also, we’re adding some very good pricing for Sram’s new 2×10 mountain groups to the main site.

The XO group in particular is impressive, given it’s reasonable price point, and I do love the 2×10 drivetrain. I must say that even though my current fitness level prohibits single speed riding in all but the flattest terrain, forgetting to shift is hard wired into my brain, and the 2×10 drivetrains allow me to not use only 19 gears, rather than the 26 I had been ignoring. I’m choosing to be optimistic, and viewing this as progress.

Plus, as you can see by the graphic above, it’s been ‘battle tested’. I can’t ascertain from the photo what battle they’re talking about, judging by the flora, it may just be a recreation of Antietam. If you’re like me, and you just use your components to aid you in propelling your bicycle forward and slowing it down, rather than ‘battling’ with it, this detail may not be important.

In addition to the new Sram offerings, both Shimano XT and XTR kits will be represented too. Like the road and cyclocross kits, these include everything but frame, fork and pedals, and feature no lousy cheap components snuck in. Thomson stems and posts, DT wheels all around, Cane Creek headsets, Schwalbe tires…you get the idea. They’ll be classified as ‘Level One’ and ‘Level two’ kits like the others, and remember that unlike other Blue Plate Specials, substitions are easily made.

The prices:

Level One

Sram XX  $2850

Shimano XTR $2600

Level Two:

Sram XO  $1900

Shimano XT  $1550

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